Date(s) - Tuesday, 26 Mar, 2019
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Jabara 119


As part of our “Next Level” training series, OUC Next Level: Strong Bones challenges users to take a step back and consider the backend area of their pages, folders, and files. We’ll demonstrate tips and best practices to help you avoid digital clutter and make your pages future-friendly.

By registering for and attending this training, you will:
• Learn the important differences between Sections, Folders, and Files
• Learn best practices for creating your own unique file and tag naming conventions
• Learn how to set up your group’s folder system to avoid creating “ant colonies”
• Learn how to set up Gadgets to navigate OU Campus as efficiently as possible

After completing this training, you are welcome to join us for OUC Next Level: Look Sharp. In that session we’ll show you how to design pages that are optimized for action and look great.

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