How to edit the “In This Section” Navigation Menu

Locate and open the “” file in the same folder as your other pages.

You will see a list of the items in your Navigation menu, or in “In This Section” menu.

Make sure you are in Edit Mode and click the HTML button in your WYSIWYG toolbar.

A red arrow points to  "HTML" on a WYSIWYG menu.


It’s in this HTML mode that we can add/remove items from the list or edit the text for items in the list.


Within the HTML Mode:

An example of HTML source code.

To add an item:

  • Highlight and copy any line from the list.
  • Paste the copied line at the bottom of the list (or wherever you want that item to be placed in the list).
  • In the newly pasted line, find the item text and edit it to match the new page you’ll be linking to.
  • Click “Update.”

To remove an item:

  • Highlight the line you want to remove.
  • Delete the line, and the spacing gap between the remaining lines if there is one.
  • Click “Update.”

To edit the text of an item:

  • Find the line of the item you want to edit.
  • Locate the text portion of the item.
  • Edit to your liking.
  • Click “Update.”


Back in the WYSIWYG Editor:

A red arrow points to the link editor in the WYSIWYG editor 

To edit the link for an item in the list:

  • Highlight the newly created list item or link you wish to edit
  • Locate and click the “Insert/Edit Link” button in your WYSIWYG toolbar — it looks like a small piece of chain.
  • Either insert a URL manually in the “Link URL” field OR click the folder icon to the right of that field and search for the page you wish to link to.
  • Click “Update.”

An image of the WYSIWYG link editor

When Finished:

Remember to Save and Exit then Publish