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Guest Artist Information/Request Form

Please submit this form at least one month prior to the event. More time is better when airline travel is required.

This information is reviewed by the Director of SPA then used by the Dean’s office to generate a contract for the artist.

Request for Expenditures

Please use this form for requesting purchases & expenses not related to guest artists or travel.

This must be submitted to the Director of SPA before items are purchased. If your item has not been pre-approved, SPA may not be able to reimburse you, or pay the vendor, for the expense.





Department Travel Request Form

*REQUIRED* or all travel regardless of where you are going or if you are requesting funding.

Form must be submitted to the Assistant to the Director of SPA at least 3 weeks, or budget requests will not be approved.

If you are using Sunflower Travel, contact Laurie O’Leary for rates and to book your airfare: : (316) 733 2753.

If you are requesting airfare and not using Sunflower Travel, you must include 2 quotes of complete listings from different sites, showing that what you are requesting is less than both the sites’ lowest rate listed.  Here is an example of an acceptable quote.

Per Diem is not reimbursed by the SPA.

Travel Reimbursement Form

Complete this form *AFTER* within one week of your trip and submit all receipts.

State Travel Website

Useful information about reimbursement rates and high-cost areas.

Student Travel Form

This form is one of the final steps in the process – after funding has been approved and travel arrangements have been made.

This form *MUST* be completed when traveling with students.


Student Time Sheet