Here is where you can find up-to-date information about our Student Advisory Council (SPASAC). From events, to meeting notes, to a full list of officers and members . . . we’ve got it all! Be sure to check back often for new events and announcements!

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The Student Advisory Council was implemented for the School of Performing Arts in 2009 as an effort to improve the overall functionality of the School and its programs. Student were selected based on their respective majors and levels of interest, and have continued to serve as a vital part of the School, both aesthetically and socially. Students are given the opportunity to communicate with their peers, and to evaluate situations based on the needs visible to the general community of the School of Performing Arts.

Mission Statement:

It shall be the purpose of (SPASAC) to create bonds within the School of Performing Arts, Wichita State University and the surrounding communities through the use of performance to engage in community service and outreach.

Members of Council are responsible for the following, in addition to other implied responsibilities:

  • Hosting School of Performing Arts events (such as the Fall and Spring Picnics, Cabarets, etc.)
  • Meeting monthly to discuss events, concerns, and new ideas for the School of Performing Arts
  • Consulting with the School of Performing Arts student body about new or recurring issues that affect both individuals and the school/programs as a whole
  • Discussing said issues with School of Performing Arts faculty and staff as deemed pertinent to the specific concerns expressed by the student body
  • Helping to acclamate new and incoming students to college life in the School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts Student Advisory Council is not responsible for:

  • Advising students of the School of Performing Arts in their academic affairs
  • Determining scholarships or funding requisition for students or faculty in the School of Performing Arts

Meet our Officers

Below you will find a list of the officers in the School of Performing Arts Student Advisory Council. If you have a concern, idea, or would like to express something about the School of Performing Arts, please feel free to contact John Keckeisen (SAC President), Ashely Lauren (SAC Vice President), or any of the listed affiliated students according to their academic majors: Dance, Musical Theatre, and Theatre. We would love to incorporate new ideas for the upcoming Fall semester, so please, e-mail or call us!


  • President:  Hannah Fernandes
  • Vice President: Kristen Bock
  • Secretary: Martha Easton
  • Treasurer: Jessica Curtiss
  • Social Media Correspondent: Amanda Huehl-Phillips
  • Activities Coordinator: Lexy Witcher
  • Community Outreach Coordinators: Karen Blackmon & Solomon Dodd
  • Campus Coordinators: Lucas Lowry & Julia Pottinger
  • Faculty Advisor: Jamie Urban


  • Brittnee Hill
  • Gavin Myers
  • Payton Dickerson
  • Da’Merius Ford
  • Kyla Mansfield
  • Jeremy Buoy
  • Lauren Dowell
  • Nadia Khalidi
  • Xan Mattek
  • Austin Ragusin
  • Thomas Sutherland
  • Lance McDougall
  • Sydney Jordan
  • Mikaela Schmitz
  • Mia Nave

Events & Calendar

The School of Performing Arts Presents: The George Awards!

The Annual “George Awards” are held in May of each year, at the Welsbacher Theatre! Awards will be given to the student performers and designers of the past year.

Click here to view the list of current George Awards Nominees-when available!